Build tools that tackle your toughest problems
and automate boring tasks
in Tekla Structures

The Grasshopper in Tekla Training provides a complete roadmap for automating repetitive tasks in Tekla Structures that currently consume much of your workday. All of this is done under the guidance of a Grasshopper and Tekla superuser.

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Your current typical workday:

Year after year, you wait for new Tekla Structures updates, hoping for improvements that never quite fit your project's unique demands. But projects didn't wait. Designs got more detailed and needed to be finished faster. There were many tools out there, but often, they just didn’t meet your exact needs.

Now, things are changing

With Grasshopper, you can change how you work in Tekla Structures. Parametric Design has become available to every engineer, allowing you to create your own tools without being an IT developer.

For a long time, starting with the automation of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks in Tekla Structures was difficult. You had to search everywhere for bits of information, and it was very confusing. You didn’t have one place to learn it all, step by step, until now.

My new training, Grasshopper in Tekla, is based on more than ten years of expertise in Tekla Structures and uses proven methods from the world's biggest projects. I've included tools and resources that you can freely use for drawing creation and 3D modelling in Tekla that give you the freedom to do everything you want… and nothing you don’t.

Grasshopper In Tekla Training

Highly practical online training

A 10-module advanced program about all functions and possibilities for automation of drawings and 3D model creations that Grasshopper Tekla Link offers for all Tekla users.

Practical assignments are based on real case studies, so scripts can be easily applied to your work right away!

One year access to a closed Grasshopper in Tekla community – a space for questions to experts about Tekla-related topics for further discussions and in-depth learning.

Live Q&A sessions, workshops, webinars with exciting guests, and extra case studies only available for students

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 days refund, no questions asked

Join architects and engineers from more than 80 companies

What will you learn?

This Grasshopper in Tekla training will teach you how to create custom tools and automate tasks in Tekla, making your work faster and more efficient.

You'll learn all about Grasshopper in Tekla's live link components, tips and tricks you didn't know, and how to identify opportunities for automation and build tools that fit your project needs.

Automating Rebar modelling

Create Tekla reinforcement faster, and with better precision with provided script templates for reuse on your projects.

Creating Quality Assurance Tools

Modeling is one part, but you will learn how to create scripts that check sets of rules. For example, sending warnings that some elements are not modeled in the proper phase or that rebar groups do not have the same position number.

Creating Your Own User Interface

You will be able to integrate Grasshopper scripts into Tekla Structures without opening Grasshopper, by using Rhino.Inside technology. This gives your non-Grasshopper colleagues the ability to use your scripts.

Modeling Advanced Elements

You will learn the proper way to create special shapes with complex geometry that was not possible without Grasshopper before.

Automating Drawing Creation

You will save hundreds of hours by automating drawing creation. Create cross sections, dimension lines, and manipulate drawing UDAs by using Grasshopper Tekla Drawing Link.

If you're looking for a complete guide on how to change your work in Tekla Structures and transform this software in the way you’ve always wanted, this is it.

What do engineers say about
Grasshopper in Tekla training?

Kacper Bobras

Student at Chalmers University of Technology


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Martin Krepper

Bridge Engineer at Tyrens


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Martin Krepper

Bridge Engineer at Tyrens


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Martin Krepper

Bridge Engineer at Tyrens


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DEMO materials

Get a taste of what Grasshopper In Tekla Training is all about!
Below you will find videos and a demo of a case study.

This is what makes this program unique:

User Define Attribiutes

Modify Tekla Objects

Real Case Studies

Practical assignments are based on real case studies, and all Tekla users will find something for themselves.

No matter if you work with concrete prefabricated projects, steel connections, industry projects or bridges, scripts can be easily applied to your work right away!

What do you get?

// Here is what's included in the price:


Access to Closed community group

After purchasing the Program, you will receive access to a closed group for ambitious Engineers - just like you. It is a very valuable element of the Program. Why?

Bonus #01

Bonus #02

Bonus #03

If you feel that your Tekla Structures could be better…

You are 100% correct

And you are in a great place, to learn visual programming and take your structural projects to a whole New Level!


// See what you will learn


00.00. Welcome [06:10]
00.01. About the course and program [08:51]
00.02. About an Author [05:52]
00.03. How to work with materials [07:04]
00.04. Discord Group
00.05. First Exercise [02:19]

00.00. Intro [02:09]
01.01. What are Rhino and Grasshopper? [05:45]
01.02. Grasshopper in Action
01.03. Download [07:24]
01.04. Set-Up [07:11]
01.05. Limitations [03:43]
01.06. Summary [08:32] 

02.00. Intro [01:46]
02.01. Tekla Elements [19:37]
02.01.01. Beams and columns [21:10]
02.01.02. Panel and Footing [08:34]
02.01.03. Plates and slabs [22:39]
02.01.04. Lofted Plate/Slab [07:24]
02.01.05. Polybeams [14:50]
02.02. Data trees in elements [02:28]
02.02.01. Simple data trees [25:22]
02.02.02. Advanced data trees 1 [15:32]
02.02.03. Advanced data trees 2 [09:24]
02.02.04. Advanced data trees 3 [30:07]
02.03. Import references [01:00]
02.03.01 Model Units [06:10]
02.03.02 Automatic references [14:01]
02.03.03 Base point [06:06]
02.04. Summary [09:27] 

03.00. Intro [01:03]
03.01. Params [17:41]
03.02. Points [14:11]
03.03. Construction objects [27:48]
03.04. Surface treatment [09:47]
03.05. Grid [10:07]
03.06. Fitting [20:02]
03.07. Part Cut/Plane cut [17:35]
03.08. Display [12:03] 

04.00. Intro [01:15]
04.01. Item [07:09]
04.01.01. Item component [14:01]
04.01.02. Create Shape [10:00]
04.01.03. Meshing [23:59]
04.01.04. Item vs Tekla Object [05:55]
04.02. Component [00:48]
04.02.01. Component component [17:49]
04.02.02. Component attributes [24:12]
04.02.03. Component input [10:14]
04.02.04. Data tree in Component [24:59]
04.03. Assembly, Cast Unit [02:47] 

05.00. Intro [01:45]
05.01. Single bar [23:32]
05.02. Rebar Group [03:06]
05.02.01. Normal [15:48]
05.02.02. Tapered [15:22]
05.02.03. Tapered N [13:38]
05.02.04. Ridge/Curved distribution [16:44]
05.02.05. Curved bar [22:53]
05.02.06. Spiral [07:14]
05.02.07. Rebars creation [11:49]
05.03. Extra [00:48]
05.03.01. Excel [16:17]
05.03.02. Colors [09:41]
05.03.03. Sketches [10:50] 

06.00. Intro [00:59]
06.01. Deconstruct [16:35]
06.02. Expand [14:08]
06.03. Get [26:56]
06.04. UDA
06.04.01 UDA 1 [30:12]
06.04.01 UDA 2 [17:25]
06.05. Convert [18:29] 

00.00. Welcome [06:10]
00.01. About the course and program [08:51]
00.02. About an Author [05:52]
00.03. How to work with materials [07:04]
00.04. Discord Group
00.05. First Exercise [02:19]

08.00. Intro
08.01. Grasshopper Component
08.02. Human UI 

Who is this training for?

If any of the following statements describes you, join us!
This training program is the right program for you.

You are a Tekla user interested in automating manual tasks and the practical application of Grasshopper in Tekla.

You are a beginner who wants to start learning programming from scratch without becoming an IT developer.

You work with the Grasshopper Tekla link already but still don't have confidence in your skills, and you're not sure if you are working properly.

You have little time for learning and would like to be guided through the learning process with condensed knowledge and a step-by-step approach.

Who is this training NOT for?

This is a great learning program but it's not for everyone.
If any of the following statements describes you, then - as much as I would like you to join us - in your best interest I must advise against.

You've never heard of Tekla Structures and might guess it's a type of Lego blocks for super-serious adults.

You know all the Grasshopper Tekla Live Link components and their functions so well, you're pretty sure they'd say "hello" if they could.

For you, tackling advanced data structures is as easy as pie.

Why am I so confident?

Krzysztof Wojslaw
Parametric Design Expert
Academic Lecturer

How much does this Program cost?

// See what you pay for

Grasshopper in Tekla Training

Everything about your Tekla automation

One year access to a 10- week advanced program about all functions and possibilities for automation of drawings and 3D model creations that Grasshopper Tekla Link offers for all Tekla users.

Practical assignments are based on real case studies, so scripts can be easily applied to your work right away!

One year access to a closed Grasshopper in Tekla community – a space for questions to experts about Tekla-related topics for further discussions and in-depth learning.

Live Q&A sessions, workshops, webinars with exciting guests, and extra case studies only available for students.

BONUS! Mini-training Grasshopper Tekla Drawing link - automate the process of drawing creation and save time spent on manual work in Tekla Structures.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 days refund, no questions asked.

Are you still missing Grasshopper Basic Knoweladge?

I have a special offer for you!

You can join 700+ students of Grasshopper Fundamentals Training and catch up with Grasshopper basics before starting with Tekla Live link.

Special Bundle offer

Grasshopper Fundamentals Training (GFT)


Grasshopper in Tekla Training (GTT)

Everything what is inside GTT training plus:

A 12-module training program to learn Grasshopper from scratch to a semi-advanced level, building a solid foundation before Grasshopper in Tekla Training.

Lifetime access to all materials at once making it possible to go through them on your own pace and schedule - Here is the Agenda.

Step-by-step approach: easily digestible bite of theory, followed by the presentation of practical examples and individual practical assignments. Here is the Agenda.

Lifetime access to a closed Grasshopper Fundamentals community – a space for questions, discussions, and mutual support on your learning path

Tons of real-life examples of Parametric Design applied in engineering projects.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 days refund, no questions asked.

The offer is limited to 300 licenses and valid until the 16th of May 2024.
If the limit is reached earlier, the offer will end ahead of schedule.

Note: This is THE BEST PRICE you will EVER see for this program and it will increase with each new edition

Your turn.

Do you want to take your Tekla Structures Projects to the next level?

For the first edition, I am limiting the group to only 300 students so I can take good care of everyone.
Hurry up to secure your spot!

This offer is valid until 21:00 CET on the 16th of May 2024


You risk nothing!

I am confident that the Grasshopper In Tekla Training will meet your expectations. So confident that if I let you down, we'll give you 100% of your money back! You have 30 days to resign from the course. One e-mail and the cash transfer goes back to your account.

No hard feelings, no questions asked!

Do you have any questions?
Ask me!

I have nothing to hide! If you need more information, please send me an email to: kris@learngrasshopper.com

ATTENTION! Before sending an email, please check the FAQ section below. You may get your question answered right away!

And now ... the decision!

Your turn.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Tekla Skills?


Your account will be created on the educational platform immediately after payment. Details on how to access the training will be provided by email. If you bought more than one training access , I will contact you directly.

You will receive the first 3 modules immediately after purchase. The following modules will appear every Tuesday at 21:00 CET on the online platform. The aim for students is to work through the training materials systematically and be able to support each other with practice problems and homework.

This is an online course. It consists of 23 hours of recorded video lessons ( You can find demo lessons here Computational ThinkingData Tree ).

Additionally, you will get access to documents, glossaries, presentations and component lists. All of this will be available on the online platform. All you have to do is log in to the platform after purchase and this vault full of information will be available to you.

After each Grasshopper and Rhino lesson, there are practical assignments that will help you better understand and implement what you’ve learned. Practice is key to successful learning, so I have prepared more than 300 practical exercises for you.

You can pay for the course via Stripe. And yes, everyone will receive proof of purchase in the form of an invoice. Please fill in all information that you want to have on your invoice during checkout. If you want to pay with a bank transfer, please write to us at contact@learngrasshopper.com, and we will come back with details for the bank transfer.

Yes, of course. My primary goal is for you to learn Grasshopper and implement it in your day-to-day work. If you decide that you are not getting what you wanted out of this course or would like a refund for any reason during the first 30 days after purchase, I will fully refund you.

You will receive the full amount you paid refunded into your account, no questions asked. Ok, maybe one question asked, what would make my course better? But you don’t have to answer it. The refund is still unconditional.

Yes! I wrote this training so that it would be easily understood by everyone, especially beginners. The course is designed to slowly build up your programing knowledge so that even if you begin with ZERO programing experience, by the end of the course, you will be able to get through some advanced programming topics. By the end of the course, I am confident that you will have the necessary skills to fully utilize Grasshopper at your work.

Yes! We’re using a Discord group for our online community. Access to the group will be restricted to students, and comments will be monitored. There will be no trolls and no trolling. Since this is the first edition of the Grasshopper Fundamentals Training, the community is just starting to grow. I am confident that great discussions will take place there every day!

I will be an active member of the group and will help students and answer questions along with the community. I will also organize Live Q&A sessions every second week of the training course through this group.

Grasshopper Fundamentals Training is an obvious advantage for you as an engineer but also for your company. You can always try to get reimbursement for your work!

If you work as an engineer, consultant, or architect and you aren’t sure how to get your employer to fund this training, I created a One Pager for your manager that will help persuade them to purchase the training for you.


Even if you’re an advanced user, I would recommend that you go through all the materials. I promise that you will learn new things.

Many advanced Grasshopper users went through this training and still learned A LOT. In GFT, I go through all the tips and tricks necessary to become an expert in Grasshopper. (I spent last two years summarizing all of them). I am 100% sure that even if you have used Grasshopper, you will find something new in this training.

Moreover, I also go over how to build well-structured and straightforward scripts. Therefore, you can collaborate with other Grasshopper users and not be ashamed of your ‘Spaghetti Monster’ scripts anymore.

Grasshopper Fundamental Training is a well-structured course. If you still have problems understanding data trees, don’t know how to work with complicated data structures, or feel uncertain about using Grasshopper, then please join me in GFT.

Remember that if it turns out that this training is not advanced enough for you, you can always request a refund within the first 30 days and get 100% of your money back.

This information is especially relevant for companies. YES, you can buy multiple licenses by placing one group order. You can do this by just increasing the number of items in your cart. I will contact you after the payment has been confirmed.

Don’t forget! For every 7 purchases, you will automatically get one for free. If you buy 14, you will get two and so on. After paying for the order, I will send you all information on how users can access the learning platform.

Nope! This is a one-time purchase. When you buy the Grasshopper Fundamentals Training, you’ll always have access to it.

Not only that, but you’ll get all updates and additions for free. I plan on constantly updating and improving the training over the next couple of years!

It is an 8-week program, and on average, you will need about 5 hours per week to watch all the videos, read through the course materials and go over all the practical exercises. Statistics from users that have done this training show that you need about 40 hours to complete Grasshopper Fundamentals Training.

Remember, don’t worry if you don’t have time to start the course right now. You have lifetime access, so you can start and go through the lessons whenever you have time.

Grasshopper comes together with the installation of Rhino. Rhino 7 Evaluation can be downloaded from the official Rhino website for free. After registration, you will receive a ready-to-use 90-day full license. GFT is an 8 weeks program, and this license is enough to get you through all the course modules with an extra month after you have finished the training.

No, you don’t have to, but I strongly recommend starting together with others. If you start along with the other students, you are more likely to finish the training. I am going to organize a live Q&A session after every second week of the training so that I can assist you and help with any points you may be having difficulty with.

Yep! Anyone who completes the training will get a certificate in a pdf format with their name on it, showing that they’ve completed the Grasshopper Fundamentals Training. This can be useful to claim reimbursement from your employer, to share on social media, or to just feel great about your accomplishment!

All clear?

Great, now we can start learning together!

Soon you will be able to build tools that tackle your toughest problems and automate boring tasks in Tekla Structures

Have a good one,