Build tools that tackle your toughest problems
and automate boring tasks
in Tekla Structures

The Grasshopper in Tekla Training provides a complete roadmap for automating repetitive tasks in Tekla Structures that currently consume much of your workday. All of this is done under the guidance of a Grasshopper and Tekla superuser.

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Your current typical workday:

Year after year, you wait for new Tekla Structures updates, hoping for improvements that never quite fit your project's unique demands. But projects didn't wait. Designs got more detailed and needed to be finished faster. There were many tools out there, but often, they just didn’t meet your exact needs.

Now, things are changing

With Grasshopper, you can change how you work in Tekla Structures. Parametric Design has become available to every engineer, allowing you to create your own tools without being an IT developer.

For a long time, starting with the automation of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks in Tekla Structures was difficult. You had to search everywhere for bits of information, and it was very confusing. You didn’t have one place to learn it all, step by step, until now.

My new training, Grasshopper in Tekla, is based on more than ten years of expertise in Tekla Structures and uses proven methods from the world's biggest projects. I've included tools and resources that you can freely use for drawing creation and 3D modelling in Tekla that give you the freedom to do everything you want… and nothing you don’t.

What will you learn?

This Grasshopper in Tekla training will teach you how to create custom tools and automate tasks in Tekla, making your work faster and more efficient.

You'll learn all about Grasshopper in Tekla's live link components, tips and tricks you didn't know, and how to identify opportunities for automation and build tools that fit your project needs.

Automating Rebar modelling

Create Tekla reinforcement faster, and with better precision with provided script templates for reuse on your projects.

Creating Quality Assurance Tools

Modeling is one part, but you will learn how to create scripts that check sets of rules. For example, sending warnings that some elements are not modeled in the proper phase or that rebar groups do not have the same position number.

Creating Your Own User Interface

You will be able to integrate Grasshopper scripts into Tekla Structures without opening Grasshopper, by using Rhino.Inside technology. This gives your non-Grasshopper colleagues the ability to use your scripts.

Modeling Advanced Elements

You will learn the proper way to create special shapes with complex geometry that was not possible without Grasshopper before.

Automating Drawing Creation

You will save hundreds of hours by automating drawing creation. Create cross sections, dimension lines, and manipulate drawing UDAs by using Grasshopper Tekla Drawing Link.

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