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I will guide you through the transformation from "old-school" engineer with zero programming experience to engineer of the future who can automate... almost everything.

When considering learning parametric design you probably think...

“It’s extremely difficult!

“It will take ages before 
I can apply it…”

“A day has 24 hours and
I have projects to deliver

“Is it at all useful for engineers?”

I have been there too!

Don't worry, I thought about it all when creating this unique training program.

Here’s what I have prepared for you

Grasshopper Fundamentals Training

Highly practical Grasshopper online training

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Is this training program for you?

  • You understand that the character of design projects, where “change is the only constant” requires solutions that make adapting to the change time- and cost-efficient, and effortless.
  • You realize that solving design challenges manually is not what a self-respecting modern engineer should do.
  • You grew tired of repetitive manual tasks and want to make your everyday work more sensible, efficient, and not to mention, exciting.
  • You want to take your design skills to the next level to create more advanced models and work on challenging projects that require the application of the newest technologies.
  • You want to grow as a professional, have more confidence in your own competence, and approach challenges in a creative manner to produce long-term and sustainable solutions.
  • Grasshopper Fundamentals is not “just another course”. It is your first step becoming the engineer you want to be – highly skilled, independent, and forward-thinking. Rome was not built in “8 weeks”, but you can definitely build solid fundaments of your Parametric Design proficiency within this time – if you let me guide you through the process with loads of practical knowledge and fun, engaging assignments.

Why this training program?

Years ago, all by myself, I went through the transition you are about to begin. 

Since then I had the privilege to work on world-class projects and my work was recognized with awards on national and world scale. Knowing how much it changed my professional life, giving me the opportunity to work on projects I have never dreamt of, I want to help you get there too.

The training has a unique structure, balancing 20% of theory with 80% of practice. The tasks you will be working on are not only practical – they are engaging and gamified, with clues for one task hidden in another. They challenge you but at the same time are manageable and match your level of expertise at every step of the training.

This training program is a perfect blend of my experiences of self-learning and working on top-class Parametric design challenges.

Is there any other way?
Well, there sure is...

Or ...

Choose Grasshopper Fundamentals Training Program that combines essential theory, hundreds of hands-on exercises, 10-years' experience in design and teaching, and exciting examples from real-life projects!

A program created by Engineer for Engineers who want to revolutionize their way of working and...

...take the first step to becoming Engineer 4.0

What is in it for me?

// See what you gain from the Program

Learn practical application of parametric design

Automate manual design tasks to make your work more efficient

Utilize interoperability - connect several software programs and take your designing to the next level

Start working on innovative projects and technologies on a daily basis

Start working on innovative projects and technologies on a daily basis

Make your work feel less like work and more like something fun to do

Why am I so confident?

  • I am an Academic Leturer at Zigurat Global Institute of Technology and Norwegian University of Science and Technology. I know what is difficult for students and I know how to teach
  • I have been working as Parametric Design Expert for years on the biggest projects in Scandinavia. Among others, the Randselva Bridge project – winner of Tekla BIM award for the best, biggest BIM project in the world where Grasshopper was the main software used for parametrization
  • I was chosen the best young engineer in Europe in the EFCA 2021 Future Leaders Competition
  • I was responsible for introducing Parametric Design to all disciplines in one of the biggest consultant companies in Europe
  • In 2019, I co-founded the BIM Corner which quickly became one of the most famous industry blogs in the world
  • And last but not least, I experienced first hand how parametric design skills elevated my career and satisfaction from what I am doing, and it’s my honest wish to help you achieve this.

Krzysztof Wojslaw

Parametric Design Expert
Academic Lecturer

What students think about LearnGrasshopper.com?

What do engineers say about
Grasshopper Fundamentals training?

Øystein Ulvestad

BIM Developer at Sweco


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Martin Krepper

Bridge Engineer at Tyrens


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Kacper Bobras

Student at Chalmers University of Technology


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Anna Łukasik

Senior Railway designer at AECOM


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DEMO materials

Get a taste of what Grasshopper Fundamentals Training is all about!
Below you will find videos and a demo of practical exercises.

This is what makes this program unique:

Play Video about 01.02

Computational thinking

Play Video

Data tree generation

Practical exercises

Play Video

Try this new method of learning Grasshopper and see how much fun it can be!

The file contains 12 different exercises together with an explanation of how to solve them.


What is included?

// See what's included in the price


  • An 8-weeks program that will teach you step by step all the necessary skills to use Grasshopper for manual tasks automatization
  • Variety of materials – expect videos, practical examples, engaging presentations, glossaries
  • Homework – unconventional, gamified, 100% practical exercises
  • Lifetime access to the Program

Closed group access

After purchasing the Program, you will receive access to a closed group for ambitious Engineers – just like you. It is a very valuable element of the Program. Why?

  • Ask questions about Grasshopper in no-stupid-questions zone
  • Discuss the training program and related topics
  • Exchange valuable online finds with group members
  • Motivate yourself and others – learning is easier in a group
  • Build your network – in a closed group it will be easier to get in contact with other enthusiasts of Parametric Design
  • Receive support and guidance with homework
  • And hey, I will be there too!


  • Free program updates – if I add any new materials to the GFT program you will get all the updates for free
  • PDF version of each presentation – downloadable offline, with attached videos so that you can easily go back to chosen topics and organize the acquired knowledge
  • Introductory module to Rhino – 2 hours of materials for all new beginners
  • Extra lesson about exporting of IFC model from Rhino and Grasshopper
  • Recording of my webinars which are not accessible anywhere else


// See what you will learn

Who is the program for?

// See who this program is meant for

Who is this training for?

If any of the following statements describes you, join us! This training program is the right program for you.

Who is this training NOT for?

This is a great learning program but it’s not for everyone. If any of the following statements describes you, then – as much as I would like you to join us – in your best interest I must advise against.

How much does this Program cost?

// See what you pay for

Grasshopper Fundamentals Training

Highly practical online training

1699 EUR

Until the 17th of November 2022 the price is:

999 EUR

Only 100EUR for a week of study!

Note: This is THE BEST PRICE you will EVER see for this program and it will increase with each new edition

Your turn.

Do you want to become an Engineer 4.0?

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This is a one-time offer! There will be next editions in the future, but there is no timeline yet and you can expect a higher price.

This offer is valid until 21:00 CET on 17th November 2022

You risk nothing!

I am confident that the Grasshopper Fundamentals Training will meet your expectations. So confident that if I let you down, we’ll give you 100% of your money back!
You have 30 days to resign from the course. One e-mail and the cash transfer goes back to your account.

No hard feelings, no questions asked!

Do you have any questions? Ask me!

Do you have any questions?
Ask me!

I have nothing to hide!
If you need more information, please send me an email to: contact@learngrasshopper.com

Before sending an email, please check the FAQ section below. You may get your question answered right away!

And now ... the decision!

Your turn.

Will you make a first step to become an Engineer 4.0 with me?


All Clear?

Great, now we can start learning together!

After joining the GFT program, congratulate yourself!

In just a few short weeks, you’ll gain necessary skills and you will be on the right path to becoming an Engineer of the future. And if you are still here but have not hit this button yet…